So glad I learned that the hard way … said no developer, ever.

28. October 2021 0

We know land development is complicated – especially when dealing with environmental issues. The process is long, complex and can be unpredictable. Environmental issues on your site can put a roadblock in your development pathway while you navigate frequently-changing regulations and potentially lengthy review processes.

We get it. We’ve been there and found the way through.

Follow along over the coming weeks as Harper Grey lawyers, Richard Bereti and Una Radoja, discuss land development lessons that many developers have had to learn the hard way. They’ll provide you with tips & tricks so you can avoid headaches and save money.

While they unfortunately can’t promise ‘simple’ – they can offer efficient. Look for their “Developer Lessons” series which will be posted here over the next few weeks.

Of course, if you have any questions at all you can contact Richard and Una at or